Polecam now with remote follow focus


The Polecam and C300 package is now available with remote follow focus which gives you even more creative options on your shoot. The beauty of this new system is that the Polcam is still  a single operator crane and the focus is controlled by the Polecam operator. For more complex manoeuvres and bigger budget productions the remote focus can be taken off of the Polecam and used wirelessly by a focus puller or camera assistant.

Polecam on BBC’s Award Winning ‘Sherlock’

Polecam was recently used on the BBC’s BAFTA award winning ‘Sherlock’ drama.

sher 1

One of the scenes on the final episode of series 3 needed a crane shot from over a balcony which craned round over the road and across the building revealing a railway. The access to the balcony was via a tiny bedroom and the balcony itself was barely wide enough to comfortably stand in.

sher 2

The producers needed a camera crane that could fit onto the balcony and also produce the necessary high quality images – Polecam with the C300 ticked both of those boxes.

Camrich Furniture Commercial for CH4

Polecam is perfect in a small studio environment where other cranes would simply be too big. For this furniture tv commercial we were in a relatively small studio and had the Polecam operating at 3 lengths (approx. 4 metres) with the C300 on the end.


We were able to get the shots we required on and off the Polecam with the C300 so all the images matched perfectly.



C300 and Polecam on Speedo Promo..

The C300 Polecam package means that clients can now get cinematic shots both on and off the Polecam with the same camera with no compromises.

Polecam with C300 filming for Speedo

The C300 Polecam set up is quick to rig and easy to reposition and you can take the C300 on and off the Polecam in a matter of seconds.

C300 and Polecam filming swimmer

This shoot was for Speedo and with the C300 and Polecam I could get some nice overhead locked off shots of the swimmers to clearly demonstrate their swimming technique, some nice sweeps for intro material and then some long lens cinematic shots on the tripod.

C300 on Polecam for new Channel Four property series..

Canon C300 camera crane filming property

With the C300 now offered as standard with my Polecam kit it’s a perfect combination for broadcasters. This shoot was for a new property series for Channel Four hosted by Sarah Beeny.


Polecam with Canon C300 as standard

C300 and Polecam filming promo for Speedo

I am now able to offer the Polecam with the Canon C300 as a standard option.

This is the most versatile shooting package allowing you to have cinematic shots both on and off the Polecam.

Ideal for broadcast, dramas, commercials, music videos as well as promos and corporate production.

The Polecam is still quick to set up and relocate and more stable than ever with the new wire strut system.


Polecam camera crane for C300, 5D, FS700, Black Magic Cinema Camera etc now available to hire

The Canon C300 on the Polecam Long Head

The new Polecam long head can take the larger cameras such as the Canon 5D, Sony FS700, Canon C300, Panasonic AF101, Phantom Miro, GoPro 3D rig, IDT NR5 high speed camera..and the list goes on.

Unlike other lightweight camera cranes the Polecam gives you the creative freedom and flexibility of having full remote control over the pan and tilt of the head.

Apart from needing some additional counter weights, the rig itself is the same so still has all the benefits that directors using Polecam come to expect e.g fast set-up time, quick to relocate, relatively discrete, compact and can be set up in places where other cranes simply cannot go.


Polecam Head for Canon C300

Polecam Long Head with the Canon C300

The Polecam can now take the Canon C300, Panasonic  AF101, Canon 5D and other similar size cameras with the launch of the new Polecam long head.

The new head is launched at the same time as the new wire strut system which means the Polecam can take cameras up to 3.5kg in weight and is stronger and more stable than ever before.

C300 camera owners can now take advantage of the flexibility and portability of the Polecam system and achieve crane shots with ease.

This head has been very popular with production companies shooting on the larger sensor cameras, particularly on dramas, commercials and music videos.