Camera Kit

Cameraman with Polecam kit, Sony FS5 or Canon C300 full shooting kit

Want some aerial shots? – The Cameraman Limited is now CAA approved for aerial filming

Polecam and C300 camera filming Swimmers

Polecam – a full broadcast rig with a choice of cameras: Sony FS5, Canon C300, Canon 5D, Toshiba HD minicam

Shoot 4K, RAW, HD and Slow Motion

Polecam is designed to be fast to set up and flexible to use offering more jib shots per day, it’s very unobtrusive and because of its small profile head it can shoot in places where other cameras can’t reach.

Polecam can be operated at lengths from 1.5 to 6 metres and has a small footprint being mounted on the Kessler crane tripod to give you smooth floating crane shots which quickly raise the production values of any programme.

Polecam provides flexibility to suit the needs of the production:

– easily integrate the Polecam in part of a multi camera OB

– A cinematic look that matches other cameras you are using: Canon C300 or Sony FS5

C300 camera on Polecam

Sony FS5 or Canon C300 Full Shooting Kit:

Canon C300 Super 35mm Full HD kit with the following lenses:

Canon 16-35mm f2.8

Canon 24-70mm f2.8

Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Canon 50mm f1.4

Canon 100mm Macro lens f2.8

Sony FS5 Super 35mm Full HD, 4K and slow motion camera with the above lenses and also:

Sony 18-105mm zoom lens (great for event and music gigs offering more shot choices)

Sony 16mm pancake lens (slightly wider lens, makes the FS5 very compact and is ideal for music and events)

Metabones speedbooster

Aerial Filming:


Get spectacular aerial shots in HD and 4K – The Phantom 4 offers a quick and efficient way of getting aerial shots with minimal set-up time.



Canon 5D MarkII:

Polecam and DSLR cameras

Available with all the lenses above and the full shooting kit below.

Can be used on the Polecam using the new Polecam Long Head and the 16-35mm Canon wide angle lens.

 Full Shooting Kit includes:

2 x 650w Tungsten Fresnel lamps

1 x 500w Tungsten Fresnel lamp

1 x 150w Tungsten Fresnel lamp

4 x Daylight Soft lights

1 x 2kw blonde

Flag and trace frame

Super clamps, magic arm

Backdrop: Green / Black / White

Bi-colour 1000 led battery/mains light

Battery bi-colour led camera top light

Vinten Vision 100 Tripod 2 stage tripod

Baby legs

Manfrotto monopod

Miller two stage Solo tripod

0.75m Glidetrack HD

7″ TV Logic LCD HD monitor

Basic sound kit: tie mic, radio and boom, zoom recorder, top mic for 5D


GoPro HD Hero 5:


The GoPro HD Hero 5 mini camera shoots full HD and 4K and is ideal for getting that shot you simply couldn’t get with any other camera. The camera comes complete with a fully waterproof housing and a number of clamps and mounts. The GoPro records onto Micro SD Cards and can also record slow motion.  Great for time lapse filming.

DJI Osmo:


A great gadget camera to have in the kit bag, especially for corporate shoots. The Osmo offers stabilised shots and can just add a little extra to your production in a short amount of time.


Underwater filming

Polecam underwater filming with GoPro

Whilst there are fully submersible Polecam heads this option is great if you want a quick underwater shot just below the surface of the water. The GoPro is mounted underneath the Polecam head to achieve some great underwater footage with control of pan and tilt. The Polecam can break the surface of the water and with the addition of an extension pole can be lowered to approx 12″ below the surface.